Attract Media & On-Camera Training

Media attention will elevate your leadership credibility and grow your brand.

However, media heavyweights were not born that way. They studied, practiced and honed their skills over time. With the proper guidance and training, you can do that too.

Rachel does not believe in memorization or phony talking points. She teaches you how to authentically showcase your strengths so you can shine.

  • Attract media: Create media strategy and a clear plan of execution
  • Defy the odds and get booked
  • Articulate a clear, compelling and targeted message that gets results
  • Anticipate tough questions and interview successfully under pressure
  • Master on-camera dos and don’ts for TV, video, satellite and Skype
  • Manage a crisis
  • Alleviate anxiety (normal!) and use nerves to your advantage

“Rachel is an amazing strategist and even part therapist! Rachel prepared me to come face to face with the “Sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank. Her advice was invaluable–I literally heard her voice in my head during the taping. We made a deal on the show and I truly believe the outcome would have been different without Rachel’s coaching.”

Amber Schaub
Founder/CEO of RuffleButts, Inc. 500 List

Speaking & Presentations

Whether on stage, in the boardroom or in front of millions via video online, the skill of moving an audience to action is essential for your success.

Rachel’s training will allow you to make the leadership impact you want…and deserve.

  • Identify the needs of your audience & exceed them
  • Develop an inspiring message that gets results
  • Present complicated concepts simply and clearly
  • Project confidence under pressure

“If you want to strike a true connection with as many people as possible, you want Rachel leading the way.”

M. Gary Neuman
Psychotherapist, NYT bestselling author

Book, Product & Course Creation

Do you have an expertise that you want to share with many?

Rachel’s worked with New York Times bestselling authors and many of the world’s top content creators. She’s also been pitched thousands of times, so she can tell you why most pitches land in the trash and teach you to stand out as a leader.

  • Deliver what your audience and customers really want
  • Develop a concept that will create change and sell
  • Share complex information in an easy-to-follow,
    engaging manner
  • Write or create especially to attract media (plan for media from the start!)

“I hired Rachel to create and elevate my leaders because of her rare strategic insight and her uncanny ability to say the right thing at the right time to get results.”

Monte Salsman
COO of Winsupply Inc.

Sales, Negotiation, Job Interviews & Internal Communication

No matter what your industry, superior communication is critical for leadership.

  • Nail an interview and get the job
  • Negotiate for a win-win
    Speak to get results in meetings
  • Write emails, newsletters and copy that people want to read

“Thanks to Rachel’s unique ability to simplify, tell stories and know exactly what the customer wants, I was able to far exceed sales expectations. And that’s just the beginning. Rachel’s genius elevates my game on stage and with business strategy.”

Elizabeth Musmanno
President of The Fragrance Foundation

Are you ready to elevate your brand?