“I respect you tremendously and have loved working with you.”


“Words can’t express how deeply grateful I am for the time, attention and care you gave me. You are truly gifted at what you do.”

Creator of MarieTV & B-School, Inc. 500 List

“Thank you Rachel Hanfling for a terrific workshop on becoming a media magnet.”

Harvard Kennedy School Communications Program Director

Founder of Crazy Sexy Wellness & NYT bestselling author Kris Carr says:

 “I’ve spent decades in front of and behind the camera, but of all the producers and coaches I’ve met, I choose to work with Rachel. Her first hand knowledge of the media business and strategic thinking helps me deliver my message in new ways and draw the right kind of attention. If you’re serious about finding your message, creating a media strategy and shining in the spotlight, I highly recommend Rachel. She thinks BIG and sees both the possibilities and clear path to get there.”

“The world needs to meet Rachel – she’s a genius. She is an amazing media coach with an incredible ability to help you grow personally and professionally.

In just five minutes she transformed my mindset and brand messaging. When she spoke on my stage, my audience was glued to their seats. My clients have loved working with her and I know you will too.”

Brendon Burchard
Founder of High Performance & Experts Academy, NYT bestselling author

“My appearance on The Oprah Show was the first time I’d ever been on TV and Rachel produced my segment. She taught me how to nail framing my message, and despite the high stakes of the appearance, made me feel confident every step of the way.

The result: In the 5 years leading up to that appearance, I’d raised 750K for women in the Congo. Within a week after that appearance, we’d raised 6 million. Thank you Rachel – I still use the skills and framing you taught me in dealing with major media and public speaking today!”

Lisa Shannon
Founder of Run For Congo Women,
Oprah Magazine’s 2010 Power List

“Rachel is smart as a whip. That’s why I needed her when I was booked on TV for the first time in my life. It was no easy task. I had to sell fragrance–an invisible product–on QVC for an hour. Thanks to Rachel’s unique ability to simplify, tell stories and know exactly what the customer wants, I was able to far exceed sales expectations. And that’s just the beginning. Rachel’s genius elevates my game on stage and with business strategy. You need Rachel.”

Elizabeth Musmanno
President of The Fragrance Foundation

“Rachel gave me the tools and confidence needed for media. Whether it was on QVC or speaking to Google, Rachel’s guidance allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and not only face my public speaking fears, but polish my message. I use what she taught me whenever I present in public.”

Gina Homolka
Founder of Skinnytaste, NYT bestselling author

“Rachel prepped me to secure my dream job as a sports medicine analyst on NBC Sports’ Golf Channel in record time. She is extremely detailed oriented and saved me years of learning through trial and error.

But this was the incredible surprise…she made me a better doctor. I used her teachings to change how I communicated with my patients and their families. The very next month, I received the highest patient satisfaction scores of any doctor in my group.

Whether it’s for a TV appearance, writing a blog article or negotiating with your kids, Rachel’s training will radically improve your communication and produce astounding results very quickly. She should be part of every medical school training. Her advice was priceless.”

Dr. Ara Suppiah
Emergency & Sports Medicine Physician, Golf Channel Commentator

“Rachel is my not-so-secret weapon. She felt like a guardian angel on my journey to becoming a New York Times Best Selling author – I can’t stop singing her praises!

She got me clear on my brand messaging which resulted in an array of business opportunities and media from Fox News to SHAPE magazine. Then, she empowered me to show up feeling confident and clear.

If you’re on the fence about working with her, let me give you the nudge you need. Working with Rachel was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Jessica Ortner
Producer of The Tapping Solution, NYT bestselling author

“I hired Rachel to create and elevate my leaders because of her rare strategic insight and her uncanny ability to say the right thing at the right time to get results.

Change and vulnerability can be scary, but with Rachel's strength and compassion, you feel safe to thrive. I call her Rachelangelo because like Michelangelo, she sees your potential and carves away until you are empowered to lead your customers and team with the best of you.”

Monte Salsman
COO of Winsupply Inc.

“Rachel is so much more than a media trainer. She is an amazing strategist and even part therapist!

Rachel prepared me to come face to face with the “Sharks” on ABC’s Shark Tank. Her advice was invaluable – I literally heard her voice in my head during the taping. We made a deal on the show and I truly believe the outcome would have been different without Rachel’s coaching.

Rachel is a rare combination of integrity, kindness, and experience in the fast-paced world of TV production, and truly has the talent to change lives.”

Amber Shaub
Founder/CEO of RuffleButts, Inc. 500 List

Psychotherapist & NYT bestselling author, M. Gary Neuman says:

“Rachel has unparalleled media and messaging instincts. In working with her as an expert on The Oprah Show for years, I witnessed how she listened first and quickly got to the heart of a message. Then, she created captivating and inspiring television that really made a difference in this world. All the while, she handled the most delicate situations with kindness, care and respect.

If you want to strike a true connection with as many people as possible, you want Rachel leading the way.”

"Rachel helped me find the best version of myself. If she can help me message grief, I promise you, she can help you bring your message to life."

David Kessler
Bestselling co-author with Elisabeth Kübler-Ross & Louise Hay

“Rachel can work miracles. Her years of experience means it doesn’t matter who you are, what your topic is, or how nervous you are in front of the camera or a crowd–she’ll get you, she’ll help you, she’ll teach you, and you will succeed in a far greater way than you ever imagined. You need her on your side!”

W. Bruce Cameron
Humorist, NYT bestselling author

“When my husband and I called Rachel, our only goal was to survive the shoot with HGTV and have it be successful. We wanted to learn how to make our brand shine in our first TV appearance and we got that in spades. The unexpected bonus was that our brief time with Rachel had a huge impact on us. In less than 3 hours with Rachel, my husband and I were able to open up to each other more than we had been able to in 10 years! This was not just media training for us. It was life changing.”

Grace Suh

“Rachel helped me share the stories of two young people who committed horrible crimes with the world. Without Rachel’s tenderness, the stories would have been about monsters; instead she portrayed two young people with shadows in need of light.

If your client’s reputation and future is on the line and you need someone to present a complex story with fairness and integrity, Rachel is your go to person.”

Jack W. Bradley
Criminal Defense Attorney

“Rachel has a rare combination of integrity and talent. She produced my first appearance on Oprah and I knew immediately that she would not only do the best for Oprah, but do the best for me. Her preparation allowed me to be centered, deliver my message and have fun under pressure.”

Dr. Tara Fields
Marriage and Family Therapist, Host of Lifetime’s “Fix My Family”